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Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ – December 25, 2013

for those lost in the darkness


The darkness covered the abyss, when “God said, let there be light “ (Genesis 1: 2-3)

Light is the first word that God speaks in the Bible, the word that marks the beginning of creation (Gen 1, 3). And since “God saw that the light was good” (Gen 1:4), man no longer stopped loving her, searching for her, while he fears and flees from darkness. Darkness draws death, and man wants to get out from it.

Whoever is born comes to light, whoever dies moves towards the land of darkness (Job 10, 21). “God” – Job says – “reveals the deepest things of darkness and transforms darkness into light” (Job 12:22). In the biblical view, darkness is but a temporary state of light. It is destined to become light.

God is light and permeates every creature with light: the dew becomes a dew of light in the poetic image of Isaiah (Is. 26, 19), even the dark and menacing clouds are heavy with the light that suddenly shines when the lightning flashes (Job 37, 15).

We celebrate the Christmas liturgy during the night to symbolically reproduce the darkness won over by the word of the Creator, the darkness of our human condition illuminated by the coming of the Savior.

To internalize the message, let us repeat :
“The light of a Child shines on those who live in darkness . “

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